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AB 273 - Ban Fur Trapping: this bill will ban all commercial and recreational trapping of fur-bearing mammals, such as badgers, beaver, coyote, gray fox, mink, raccoon, and other species in the state. REASON: Fur trapping is inhumane and reduces our State's biodiversity. 

AB 64 - Mandatory Micro-chipping: this bill mandates that all cats and dogs that leave a shelter, whether for adoption or back to their owner, must be micro-chipped and have updated information on the micro-chip. REASON: To make sure animals are micro-chipped, which will reduce lost animals and save lives. 

AB 479 - Plant-based School Lunches: encourages school-lunch programs to incorporate plant-based options by creating a financial incentive program through the state. REASON: To encourage schools to get children healthy meals. 

AB 202 - Community Blood Banks for Animals: this bill will open commercial blood banks, which currently are not allowed to source blood from animals outside of a closed-colony, to sourcing blood from animals which are allowed to lived with people in normal residences. REASON: captive closed-colony animals are kept alone in cages. Community-sourced animals are able to live a normal life with human companions. 

AB 572 - Deforestation-free Procurement: this bill will require companies doing business with the state of California have a "No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation" (NDPE) policy. REASON: Deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate-change and loss of biodiversity. 

AB 313 - Ban on Animals in Circuses: this bill will ban a specified list of animals from performing in traveling shows, such as circuses. REASON: Animals in traveling shows are beaten and live in horrible conditions in order to perform unnatural tricks for entertainment. 

AB 733 - Fish Out of Hazardous Waste Testing: this bill will change the current hazardous waste test, which tests on fish, to more humane and equally as effective tests. REASON: more advanced and effective tests exist and there is no need to test our hazardous waste on fish. 

AB 1260 - Exotic Skins Ban: this bill would ban the sale of several species, including shark, stingray, various lizards, and hippos. REASON: luxury items made of exotic animals are not necessary and these animals are cruelly farmed and skinned. Their commercial use also puts pressure on wild populations. 


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