Social Compassion In Legislation (SCIL) has been a vanguard voice sponsoring landmark legislation since our founding in 2007. Whether local, state, or federal our mission is saving and protecting animals.  Social Compassion In Legislation's achievements have transcended into many other states also passing SCIL's sponsored humane laws.  Thanks to Social Compassion In Legislation, the animals have a strong voice in the halls of the Capitol.  SCIL's vision is to instill greater compassion into society for the welfare of all animals



Founder /CEO / President

Long recognized as a leader in California advocating on behalf of animal welfare issues, with a proven track record that spans decades, Judie Mancuso is the Founder and President of Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL), a 501c4 non-profit dedicated to animal welfare, rights, and protection. 


Vice President, Communications

As Vice President of Communications for Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL),  Reyes effortlessly blends her more than two decades of animal rights activism and veganism with her vast on-camera and public speaking experience. 


Vice President, Wildlife Protection 

Leah Sturgis is an independent film Producer and Director who became a passionate voice for wildlife after her dog was caught in deadly fur trap that was illegally set on her private property. With a background in Communications and 20 years experience in the film and television industry, Leah has worked extensively in the visual arts and has produced and directed videos, commercials, live television programs, and a feature film. As her awareness grew about the atrocities being done to wildlife, Leah took action and became a lobbyist, lobbying for trapping and wildlife management reform. She is currently producing a documentary film on whale entanglement.


Director of Legislative Affairs

Nick Sackett is a Sacramento-based attorney who is instrumental in SCIL’s continued success in collaborating with lawmakers to draft legislation and lobbying on state and federal levels. For more than a decade Sackett has specialized in providing forward-thinking legal counsel on a variety of issues; particularly ones relating to the international trade of endangered species of wild flora and fauna and animal welfare and conservation. A graduate of Tulane Law School, Sackett is expected to also earn a Masters in Management & Conservation of Endangered Species in Trade from the International University of Andalucia, Baeza, Spain in March of 2017.


Margaret Perenchio, Jerry's widow and a Los Angeles native, is a force of nature. A successful real estate broker and investor in Beverly Hills and Miami, Mrs. Perenchio went on to own and operate the LA Art House in conjunction with the Hammer Museum where she donated all proceeds to support emerging artist programs. A popular portrait artist in her own right, Mrs. Perenchio also donated all proceeds from her commissioned work to animal charities. Her artist's eye lead her to produce the Academy Award winning movie, Freida, starring Salma Hayek. Beyond her many talents, Ms. Perenchio is a very active philanthropist and political donor. A passion for animal protection, she previously served on the board of directors of the Humane Society of the United States and currently serves on Spay 4 LA's board. To top it off, Ms. Perenchio also is a 10-time golf club champion at the Bel Air Country Club.   


Diane Keaton is an actress, director and producer.  Her acting career spans over twenty-five movie greats, including The Godfather Trilogy, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Annie Hall, for which she received a best actress Academy Award, and the smash hits Father of the Bride and The First Wives Club.   Ms. Keaton also received Academy Award nominations for her role in the film Something’s Gotta Give, Reds and for her poignant performance in Marvin’s Room.  Thus, making history as the only actress to have had an Academy Award nomination once in every decade.  She is also a well known animal activist.


Maggie Q is an outspoken animal rights activist, actor, model, producer, and health advocate. She has worked tirelessly to promote a healthy vegan lifestyle, push for animal advocacy legislation, stop illegal wildlife trafficking and fight for ecological conservation. Maggie travels the world for her work, but always finds time when she is at home to visit the state capitol and persuade lawmakers to vote for the latest package of bills. Maggie’s warrior spirit has guided many to live cruelty free.


Graduating from the University of Southern California with an inherent passion for animals, Haze Lynn founded Take Me Home Rescue in 2001. She then went on to found the "Let's Fix It" Program where volunteers not only teach humane education, but offer each low income student in the program medical assistance for their own companion animals. Haze also founded Rock Out For Rescue, along with her rescue organization Take Me Home. Her rescue tours with massive rock music festivals, where they lead campaigns with famous rock bands and music companies to promote spay and neuter/rescue awareness. Haze joined Social Compassion in Legislation 2007 when the group was founded, she has been an integral board member gaining support from local governments and organizing grassroots support.  


Katie Cleary brings a wide range of accomplishments and contributions to her position as a SCIL Board of Directors member. A multi-talented animal advocate and leader in the animal welfare movement in Los Angeles, Cleary is the Founder and President of her own non-profit Peace 4 Animals as well as the Founder and Producer of World Animal News which can be found on WorldAnimalNews.com. Hailed as the CNN for Animal Welfare, WAN highlights the latest breaking animal welfare issues happening around the globe. Cleary also counts creator and producer of the award-winning documentary Give Me Shelter, actress, top model, entrepreneur, and writer, among her many titles.


SCIL is proud to have Karen “Doc” Halligan as one of our esteemed Board of Director members. The Chief Veterinary Officer of The Lucy Pet Foundation, Halligan has developed a distinguished veterinary medical career while establishing herself as a national authority on animals. Halligan previously served as the director of veterinary services for the spcaLA for more than twelve years. The renowned veterinarian is also an author, animal-cruelty expert, spokesperson, and media source. Halligan can often be found lending her expertise on a variety of animal-related topics on prestigious media outlets including the Today Show, CBS Early Morning Show and Fox and Friends among others.

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