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100 dogs and cats to be killed today in this shelter.

Breeder dumps 41 "excess" dogs at shelter to die.

"You want to cry because it's just too much."

Kitten and puppies killed each day due to overpopulation.

"We clean up the mess" of over-breeding.

There are just "too many dogs. Too many dogs."

Shelter worker has to euthanize 4 week old kittens.

We need bigger & bigger shelters - just too many animals.

High euthanasia rate means high worker turnover.

Two sweet dogs with tails wagging... to be euthanized.

55 gallon drums of dead animals due to overpopulation.

"Over half the animals are being killed"

Backyard breeders are causing major health issues in breeds.

"There are very few unadoptable animals."

"Over 25% of shelter animals are purebred."

Owners dump purebred dogs at shelter.

"The vast majority of shelter cats are not feral."

Spay and neuter means a healthier animal.

Span & neuter legislation is the right thing to do.

Big tax savings from spay & neuter legislation,.

Spay & neuter legislation is proven to work.
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Latest News

January 1, 2015:
Happy New Year! We are very excited for the arrival of 2015 as it also rings in our new law! SCIL sponsored AB 1965 "Dining with Dogs", which was authored by our dear friend Assemblymember Mariko Yamada. As of today, it is California state law.

It was featured today in the Sacramento Bee. Click below.

Also, back in August when Governor Brown signed the bill, there was a funny cartoon published exaggerating the effects.

Jack Ohman: Pets In Restaurants

If you are a restaurant owner, or know of one that will be implementing a dog friendly outdoor area, we will have signs available soon on our website regarding proper dog etiquette under the new law:
We will be back to you soon to share our new legislative work for 2015.

Together let's make 2015 the most humane year for the animals.

Ringing in the New Year for Social Compassion in Legislation!
Judie & the SCIL Board

Judie Mancuso, President
Social Compassion In Legislation

December 17, 2014:

Your Support is Needed to Shut Down Puppy Mills!

It will be a great holiday gift for the animals when the City of Oceanside becomes the next city to prohibit puppy/cat mill sales from their city! But we need your help.

The city council is set to vote on a final ordinance on January 7th and we need your voices.

Local animal welfare crusaders have led over a year-long campaign to educate the residents and the council on the horrors of puppy mills.

Please support their efforts and take a moment to email the Oceanside City Council at Council@ci.oceanside.ca.us to reassure them that they are doing the right thing.

Here is a video of the Hunte Corporation (one of the largest distributors of puppy mill dogs in the USA) delivering to an Oceanside pet shop.

The puppy mills and their lobbying force are out to influence the Oceanside City Councilmembers. We need your voice to reinforce that they are making the correct and humane choice.

SCIL successfully led this effort in the City of Los Angeles and in other cities and it is now law. Other groups said "we would not get it done", but we did it! Please help add another city to the list.

Thank you for taking action. Imagine all the lives that we can prevent from being born into a life of hell, once we eliminate the demand for the cruel breeding of these pets.

Together let's make 2015 the most humane year for the animals.

Much Gratitude,

Judie Mancuso, President
Social Compassion In Legislation

December 7, 2014:
34 Baby Elephants Ripped From Their Mothers In Zimbabwe

Sign The Petition To Stop This Abduction Of Wildlife!

Click Here To Sign!

Latest Press On The Issue

BREAKING NEWS: JaneUnChained.com investigates! Watch our video investigation now!

November 21, 2014:
The Compassion Rocks Fundraiser in Malibu was a huge success!
SCIL would like to thank everyone that attended and donated to the event. 2015 here we come!

Click Here for Video and Photos from Compassion Rocks Fundraising Event

Photo includes host Pierce Brosnan, SCIL President Judie Mancuso, INXS founding member Garry Beers, singer J.D. Fortune and drummer Tod Burr.


November 3, 2014:
SCIL Fundraiser 2015 in Malibu hosted by Keely & Pierce Brosnan, Jane Velez-Mitchell & live music by INXS. Click here for more info

August 28, 2014:
AB 1965 Yamada "Dining With Dogs" Gets International Press!
Click here for "Dining With Dogs" in The Economist!

August 21, 2014:
Governor Brown signs AB 1965 (Yamada) Dining with Dogs into law!!!
Click Here For Full Press Release

Read More

August 8, 2014:
AB 1965 Yamada "Dining With Dogs" voted out of full Senate Floor 36 - 0!
Click Here For Full Press Release

June 26, 2014:
AB 1965 (Yamada) Dining with Dogs Voted out of Senate Health Committee 8-0!

June 25, 2014:

Pet Insurance Bill Provides Important Consumer Protection

May 8, 2014:
AB 1965 (Yamada) Dining with Dogs Passes out of full Assembly with a 71-1 vote!!!!

Click for the "Official" Press Release
AB 1965 - LA Times
AB 1965 - Capital Public Radio

April 9, 2014:
AB 1965 (Yamada) Dining with Dogs passes out of Assembly Local Government Committee with a unanimous vote 8 - 0. Next, the bill will be heard by the full Assembly.

March 25, 2014:
AB 1965 Dining with Dogs passes out of Assembly Health Committee with almost a unanimous vote 17 - 1. Assemblyman Richard Gordon was the solo "no" vote. Gordon represents partial areas of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Next, the bill will be heard in the Assembly Local Government Committee.

March 7, 2014:
SCIL sponsors AB 1965 (Yamada) Dining with Dogs

New California State Legislation Introduced and Sponsored by SCIL that will make it legal for restaurants to offer areas for people to dine with their canine companions.

October 13, 2013:
Orange County Register article "Spay-neuter plates available!"

September 23, 2013: California Pet Lover's Plate is now available!

Proceeds from the California Pet Lover's Plate provide funding for spay & neuter surgeries across California.

April 18, 2013: Action Alert - PAB 343, an "Ag-Gag" bill, has been defeated. Click here for details.

April 7, 2013: Action Alert - Please oppose AB 343, an "Ag-Gag" bill. Click here for details.

February 14, 2013: (Los Angeles, CA) - The California Spay and Neuter License Plate Fund Inc. is proud to announce that the pre-order goal of 7,500 license plates needed to begin the Pet Lover’s License Plate program has been met thanks to the support of animal lovers all over the state, including Governor Brown, Pierce Brosnan and Cesar Millan. Please visit www.PetLoversPlate.com.

January 15, 2013: the Los Angeles City Council Personnel & Animal Welfare (PAW) Committee votes to strengthen spay and neuter laws in Los Angeles. SCIL has been working on the new law for several months.

October 24 , 2012: The Ordinance to Ban Sales of Puppy Mill Animals passes out of the L.A. City Council with a 12-2 vote.

July 8 , 2012: Good news! The Hayden Law is NOT repealed.

July 3 , 2012: We did it! AB 1939 has been defeated.

May 2, 2012: Press conference with Governor Jerry Brown and his dog Sutter, Pierce Brosnan, Cesar Millan and others to mark the signing of AB 610. Click here for video.

May 1, 2012: The Ordinance to Ban Sales of Puppy Mill Animals received a unanimous 5-0 vote to move out of first reading in the Laguna Beach City Council. Related article: Laguna Beach bans puppy mills, Orange County Register. Related City Council video: click here (item 12) click here (item 10).

April 26, 2012: AB 610 was signed today by the Governor, which will allow the remaining 2,970 pre-orders to be gathered to start the Pet Lover's License Plate program.

We thank the Governor for his support, and we want to thank our loyal and dedicated author Assemblyman Jose Solorio.

Please click here to order your plate.

California's shelter system is in crisis.

Each year, over $250 million dollars is spent housing and euthanizing homeless dogs and cats in California1. Approximately 1 million dogs and cats enter California’s shelters each year, and over half of them are euthanized (killed) simply because there are not enough homes2.

This enormous number of homeless pets actually means that every dog born in the state of California today has nearly a 1 in 4 chance of ultimately becoming homeless and dying in a shelter3. Two-thirds of the cats entering California shelters are euthanized2. And, the number of dogs and cats entering our shelters is currently on the rise2.

One of SCIL's primary goals is to pass comprehensive spay & neuter legislation across California. This type of legislation provides a reasonable, fiscally responsible step towards reducing pet overpopulation in California. Typically, the legislation simply requires that dogs be spayed or neutered unless their owner/guardian obtains an unaltered dog license when they license their animal. Frequently this legislation also requires that roaming cats be spayed and neutered by their owner/guardian.

Sources: (1) Shelter cost estimates provided by Los Angeles Animals Services and California Animal Control Directors Association. (2) Population / percentages of animals incoming and exiting shelters, source: California Department of Public Health, Veterinary Public Health Section, “Rabies Control Activities Reporting by Local Health Jurisdiction (LHJ), California, extrapolated to encompass incomplete data and private shelters. (3) From NEARLY ONE OUT OF FOUR DOGS IN CALIFORNIA IS ULTIMATELY EUTHANIZED IN OUR SHELTERS, a SCIL fact sheet based on figures from the US Census Bureau, American Pet Products Manufacturers Association and the California Department of Health Services
Tuesday, March 03rd

Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit animal welfare organization working on solutions to pet overpopulation through state and local policy changes and implementation, community outreach, education and private and public programs.

Our legislative projects are focused not only on reducing pet overpopulation, but also reducing the high associated costs to taxpayers.

Additionally, we work on innovative public and private programs that promote and generate private funds for local agencies, such as The Pet Lover’s License Plate program, which will generate funds for local programs to promote spay and neutering of companion animals.

SCIL was founded in 2007 and has no paid staff; we are a volunteer organization. Donations go directly to our legislative campaigns; our work relies on donations from animal lovers like you.

Free Media

SCIL provides video footage and still images free of charge for groups and individuals documenting the pet overpopulation crisis.

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From SCIL President Judie Mancuso:

Pet Lover's Plates are finally on the road. Order yours here .