October 24, 2012

Dear Friends:

We have big news to share with you today.

The City of Los Angeles, the second largest city in the nation, has just passed a landmark ordinance 12 to 2 which prohibits puppy / cat mill animals from being sold at local pet shops.

Our animal welfare champion Councilman Paul Koretz authored the ordinance. SCIL worked closely with Councilman Koretz, his staff, store owners, many animal rescue and animal welfare organizations, and caring individuals to help craft this well written ordinance.

Click here to read the ordinance.

Now, shelter and rescued animals will have a better chance of finding their forever home by getting out of the shelters and into these store fronts. We need more avenues to get these beautiful animals adopted, instead of putting them to death only because we have failed to find them a home.

And for those of you wondering where people will be able to find that pure bred puppy or kitten they just have to have, this ordinance will help make those folks do their due diligence in finding a reputable breeder, instead of the impulse buy of a puppy or kitten shipped in from a mill thousands of miles away from the Midwest. We cannot control these cruel mills in the Midwest that ship tens of thousands of puppies and kittens per year into California (while we’re killing over 500,000 in our shelters) but we can certainly decrease the demand for them.

Please urge your city or county to follow Los Angeles’ lead and pass this in your town. Other cities in California that now have such a law on the books are: Laguna Beach, Irvine, West Hollywood, Glendale, South Lake Tahoe, and most recently Burbank… just to name a few.

Pet Lover's License Plate Update

Also, we have an update for you regarding the Pet Lover’s License plate. Over 6,000 plates have now been pre-ordered, and only 1,500 more pre-orders are needed to reach the 7,500 goal in order for the DMV to put the plate into production…so please do not delay one more day, pre-order your plate now, and spread the word!

Please help get this plate on the road and start saving animals' lives by visiting:


Proceeds from the plate will go to fund spay and neuter surgeries statewide!

Click here for more information on the plate:

Best regards, and please remember to go vote on November 6th!


Judie Mancuso, President
Social Compassion in Legislation

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