July 8, 2012

Dear Friends:

We have good news to share with you!

The latest California budget does not repeal the Animal Adoption Mandate (Hayden Law); it leaves it suspended as we had hoped.

Earlier this year, Governor Brown had called for a repeal of the Animal Adoption Mandate. This repeal would have eliminated a state requirement that municipal animal shelters hold stray dogs and cats for 4-6 days, and also would have eliminated the requirements for shelters to provide lost-found posting opportunities, record-keeping, and necessary and prompt veterinary care.

Although the mandate has been in suspension since 2009 due to the budget crisis, a full repeal would have set our state back decades in terms of shelter care.

SCIL supporters across the state contacted the Governor and the Legislature to urge them not to repeal this law. I was even fortunate enough to speak to the Governor personally on why he should not repeal the Hayden Law, and he seemed receptive and understanding of our message.

If you would like to read the budget, visit http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/sen/sb_1001-1050/sb_1006_bill_20120627_chaptered.html. The information about the state-mandated local programs is in section 18(f). Basically, the budget suspends all of the mandates that were suspended last year and does not repeal the Hayden Law.

Thank you Governor Brown and the State Legislature for not repealing this important law.

Best regards,

Judie Mancuso, President
Social Compassion in Legislation

A 501(c)(4) nonprofit animal welfare organization working on solutions to pet overpopulation through state and local policy changes and implementation, community outreach, education and private and public programs.

100% of your donation goes to legislative goals in California, including spay and neuter legislation and anti-puppy mill legislation. SCIL has no paid employees and is run completely by volunteers.

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